Monday, January 18, 2016

Reuse Your Socks!

Losing socks is a given. They never seem to disappear in pairs, but instead, just one at a time. My mom has a basket full of lonely socks and the mountain gets higher after each load of laundry. She is still hopeful that the partner will one day be found.

Socks in Stock knows all about missing pairs and outgrown socks. Because of this, we’ve decided to show off a few of our best sock reusing tricks!

Number 1:
After far too many vacations spent untangling jewelry, I knew I had to come up with a better system. I put my jewelry in their own socks and problem solved! The sock provides an extra layer of cushion, protecting the jewelry when my luggage was thrown around, making it a smarter option than a plastic bag. If you travel with glass bottles of moisturizers or face creams, slipping them in a sock is a great way to keep them safe during travel too!

Number 2:
Sore after a long day? Make your own heating pad or ice pack!
Heating pad: Take a tall sock and fill it with white rice. Tie off the open end into a knot. Then, place it in your microwave and heat it for two to four minutes. Carefully remove the sock (it’ll take a few tries to get it to the optimal heat) and place it around your neck, on your arm, leg or stomach! If it starts to cool off, simply stick it back in the microwave!
Ice pack: Fill a sock with ice, tie off the end, and apply! Or you can stick the ice-filled sock in the freezer for an extra chill!

Number 3:
Make cute clothes for your child’s stuffed animals! Take a fun sock and cut arm and leg holes. You’ll have the most fashionable toys on the block! And it’s easy to wash if it gets messy.

We cannot wait to hear about all your innovations and successes from reusing your Socks In Stock Socks. Now you’ll think twice on which style to buy, already considering how useful or cute it would be for its many different uses! Check out all our fun styles at

Have more ideas? We would love to learn how you reuse your Socks in Stock socks.

-- Katie, Socks in Stock Intern

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