Monday, July 26, 2010

Customer Feedback : Secure Ordering

Good Morning All and Happy Monday,
Our Customers are very important to us here at , so I just wanted to take some time out to reach to the many online shoppers about secure shopping on the Internet. Here are some tips and things to look for to create the best online shopping experience!

#1. On Your Computer, Have Virus and Spyware Protection : While most people don't want to spring the cash to purchase this software it is very necessary. You will save alot of time & headaches if you protect yourself from this nasty bugs that roam the Internet. **Always run scans regularly, some programs can be set to a schedule to automatically scan for you!**

#2. When Shopping Online - Things To Look For : Even though you may do all you can to keep your computer secure, the website your shopping with should also provide security for the information you submit. One thing to look for : Most websites if your browse around have a banner or button that explains their security. For Example, At the bottom left of, there is a button that says e-commerce by Yahoo! and at the bottom of that button it states 128 bit encryption. Now some sites are not as easy to find as ours, but its worth the digging!

Also once you begin the checkout process (sometimes does not happen until the billing part of the checkout process on some sites) Look at the address bar of your browser, the http:// should change to https:// meaning you are now in a secure encrypted connection with that store!

Once again, our customers are very important to us! Please Comment with any Questions!

Hope this helps

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