Friday, July 30, 2010

What are Seamless socks? & Why go Seamless?

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I thought this friday I would talk about Seamless Socks and take some time to explain what they are, and why you may consider wearing them!

What are Seamless socks?
Seamless Socks are socks that are hand-linked so it doesn't require a stiched seam. Being hand-linked allows the toe to be flat eliminating a bulky hard (bumpy & lumpy) seam on your toes.

Why Go Seamless?
There are many reasons you may benefit by switching to Seamless Socks. Have you ever heard your children complain about putting on their socks? Most likey they have sensitive feet. A normal seam can may a sock very uncomfortable. Causing your child to not be able to focus on many daily tasks. This can be the same with adults with sensitive feet. Also there are kids with disorders such as autism that feel very uncomfortable in certain fabrics, especially one with a bulky seam. A stiched seam can also cause rashes or blisters in some cases from irritation on your toes. A Seamless Sock's comfort is unmatched! To build a happy, healthy body you need to start with the ground up, and the best way to do that is by making your feet as comfortable as possible!

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